§ 7.21.



The Commission may permit the location of a Farmers’ Market, that meets the requirements of Administrative Code Chapter 9A. or any successor provisions, as certified by the Agricultural Commissioner, on park land upon findings that such a use:


Is appropriate for the crowd capacity of the particular location;


Does not adversely affect park grounds or facilities beyond the regular usage of the particular location; and,


Does not significantly interfere with the public’s use and enjoyment of other areas of the park, including, but not limited to, children’s play areas or athletic courts or fields.


The permit fee shall be $475 per location of market, for each six (6) months of operation, where the market is operating at the location no more than one day a week. If the market operates at the location more than one day a week at any time during the six-month permit period, the permit fee shall be multiplied by the number of days of operation during a week. For example, a market that at any time during the six-month period operates at the location two days a week shall pay a permit fee of $950 for the six-month permit period. In addition to the permit fee, the permittee shall reimburse the Department for staff costs directly incurred by the operation of the market at the location.


(Added by Ord. 29-07, File No. 061112, App. 2/16/2007; amended by Ord. 217-09, File No. 090992, App. 10/29/2009; Ord. 111-13 , File No. 130340, App. 6/21/2013, Eff. 7/21/2013)


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