§ 7.18.


Within 30 days of the exercise of any permit, the General Manager shall determine and transmit to the permittee a bill for all costs above and beyond any retained security or cleaning deposits which are or will be incurred by the Recreation and Park Department in cleaning or restoring any park or making repairs to property and equipment. which costs were occasioned by, or arose out of, the activity engaged in pursuant to the permit. The permittee shall have 30 days from the transmission of such bill in which to pay or request adjustment of the same. Any request for adjustment shall be transmitted in writing to the General Manager, who shall determine whether an adjustment is proper. The permittee shall pay the bill or adjusted bill promptly upon transmission to the permittee of a statement of the determination of the General Manager with respect to the adjustment. Any request for adjustment shall be deemed waived if not timely or if not transmitted in writing.


(Added by Ord. 603-81, App. 12/18/81; amended by Ord. 47-03, File No. 030095, App. 4/3/2003)


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