§ 7.02.


For the purposes of this Article, the following terms shall be defined as indicated below:


Amusement Park Rides— Rides of the type normally found in amusement parks or carnivals, such as ferris wheels.


Animal Show— The formal exhibition of animals to the public or to a group of 25 or more persons for entertainment or competition.


Art Shows— The exhibition or display of paintings, sculptures or other works of art, but not activities performed by street artists licensed pursuant to Part II, Chapter VIII (Police Code) of the San Francisco Municipal Code.


Band— A group of musicians playing acoustical instruments normally played in a brass band.


Demonstration— Carrying or wearing a sign or signs, singing, talking in unison or in any other manner expressing ideas, advocating causes or conveying a message to the public at large or to a particular person or persons.


Exhibition— Public display of manufactured goods, plants or other objects but not displays by street artists licensed pursuant to Part II, Chapter VIII (Police Code) of the San Francisco Municipal Code.


Leafletting— Distributing leaflets, handbills, notices or any written material to the public.


Music Concourse Area of Golden Gate Park— This area is comprised of (1) the area bounded by Tea Garden Drive, South Drive and Academy Drive; (2) the entire area in front of the Academy of Sciences, the de Young Museum and the Fine Arts Museum; (3) the interior of the Japanese Tea Garden; and (4) the entire area in front of the Japanese Tea Garden.


Orchestra— A group of musicians playing string, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments.


Parade— Any march or other organized movement or persons from place to place or about a place.


Petitioning— Requesting persons to sign a petition.


Publicize— To inform the public of a planned event by means of newspaper articles or notices, radio or television stories or notices, announcements in public places, leafletting, posting signs or written notices in places viewed by the public, or by other means calculated to notify the public of an event.


Soliciting— Requesting persons to contribute money or anything else of value for a charitable, religious or political cause.


(Added by Ord. 603-81, App. 12/18/81)


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