§ 4.10.



Except as provided in Subsection 4.10(b), no person shall consume alcoholic beverages of any kind in any building, children’s areas, swimming pool, restroom, or any of the following parks or portions of parks:

Alice Chalmers Playground;

Argonne Park;

Bayview Playground;

Bernal Playground;

Boeddeker Park;

Buchanan Street Mall;

Buena Vista Park;

Cayuga Playground;

Chinese Playground;

Civic Center Plaza;

Crocker Amazon Playground;

Duboce Park;

Eureka Valley Recreation Center;

Excelsior Playground;

Franklin Square;

Fulton Park;

Garfield Square;

Gilman Playground;

The areas of Golden Gate Park consisting of:

The Panhandle (bordered by Fell, Baker, Oak and Stanyan Streets),

Stanyan Meadow Area (bordered by JFK Drive, Stanyan Street, Waller Street and Kezar Drive),

Kezar Stadium Park (bordered by Waller Street, Stanyan Street, Frederick Street, Martin Luther King Junior Drive and Kezar Drive);

Sharon Meadow north to John F. Kennedy, Jr. Drive, east to Kezar Drive, south to Kezar Drive, west to the tennis courts and the lawn bowling area;

Hallidie Plaza;

Hamilton Recreation Center;

Hayes Valley Playground;

Holly Park;

Jefferson Square;

Jose Coronado Playground;

Joseph Conrad Square;

Joseph Lee Recreation Center;

Juri Commons Mini Park;

Kimball Playground;

Lang Field;

Laurel Hill Playground;

Lessing Sears Mini Park;

Margaret Hayward Playground;

McKinley Square;

Merced Heights Playground;

Mission Dolores Park;

Mission Playground and Recreation Center;

North Beach Playground;

Oceanview Playground;

Pine Lake Park;

Pioneer Park;

Portsmouth Square;

Potrero del Sol Park;

St. Mary’s Recreation Center;

St. Mary’s Square;

Silver Terrace Park;

South Park;

Sunnyside Conservatory;

Union Square Park;

United Nations Plaza;

Upper Noe Recreation Center;

Washington Square Park;

Wawona Clubhouse;

West Sunset Playground;

Youngblood Coleman.


The General Manager of the Recreation and Park Department or the Recreation and Park Commission may grant permission to consume alcohol in the parks and portions of parks where such activity is prohibited by Subsection (a), above, if the General Manager or the Commission determines that the consumption of alcohol will not interfere with the public’s use and enjoyment of the park. However, neither the General Manager nor the Commission may grant permission to consume alcohol in children’s play areas.


(Added by Ord. 603-81, App. 12/18/81; amended by Ord. 370-98, App. 12/18/98; Ord. 238-99, File No. 990682, App. 9/3/99; Ord. 170-00, File No. 000628, App. 7/7/2000; Ord. 228-01, File No. 010589, App. 11/30/2001; Ord. 54-07, File No. 061646, App. 3/23/2007; Ord. 2-08, File No. 070508, § 1, App. 1/14/2008)


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