§ 4.01.


No person shall, in any park without permission of the Recreation and Park Department:


Throw or propel objects of a potentially dangerous nature, including, but not limited to, stones, bottles, glass, cans or crockery;


Fire or carry firearms of any size or description, or possess any instrument, appliance or substance designed, made or adopted for use primarily as a weapon, including, but not limited to, slingshots, clubs, swords, razors, billies, explosives, dirk knives, bowie knives or similar knives, except that this subsection shall not apply to a police or other peace officer;


Fire or carry any firecracker, rocket, torpedo or other fireworks of any description (this subsection shall not be deemed to contradict any provisions contained in Chapter VIII (Police Code) of the San Francisco Municipal Code);


Carry or use a model airplane which is powered by liquid fuel or designed to be used with such fuel;


Make, kindle, maintain or in any way use a fire except at places provided, designated and maintained by the Recreation and Park Department for such use;


Climb or lie upon any tree, shrub, monument, wall, fence, shelter, fountain, statute, building, construction or structure;


Emit, eject, or cause to be deposited any excreta of the human body, except in proper receptacles designated for such purposes;


Expose his or her genitals, public hair, buttocks, perineum, anal region or public hair region or any portion of the female breast at or below the areola thereof, except that this section shall not apply to children under the age of five years;


Enter a restroom or toilet set apart for use of the opposite sex, except children under the age of five years accompanied by a parent or guardian and duly authorized personnel for the purpose of inspection, maintenance or repair;


Gain or attempt admittance to facilities in any park where a charge is made, without paying that charge;


Play any percussion instrument, including drums, at any time or location prohibited by resolution of the Recreation and Park Commission when a sign has been posted in the area affected to give notice of this prohibition, provided that such resolution does not unreasonably curtail the playing of such instruments in any area of the city;


Enter into, or attempt to enter into, any animal enclosure or habitat at the San Francisco Zoological Gardens, or at the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park, without specific authorization by Zoo staff;

(m) Fail to follow all rules of the San Francisco Zoological Gardens, or any directions or instructions given by Zoo staff.


(Added by Ord. 603-81, App. 12/18/81; Ord. 38-10, File No. 091441, App. 2/18/2010)


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