§ 3.19.



The Recreation and Park Department shall work with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to maximize water use efficiency and non-potable water use on all property under the jurisdiction of the Recreation and Park Commission. The Department shall develop a schedule and identify funding sources to convert all Park facility Irrigation Systems to water efficient systems and non-potable water use, such as storm water and Recycled Water or Reclaimed Water, as those terms are defined in S.F. Public Works Code Article 22, in designated Recycled Water Use Areas as set forth in Public Works Code Section 1209. Subject to the availability of funds, such conversion is to be completed by 2013.


Upon the effective date of this ordinance, the Department shall ensure that the design and construction of all renovation and/or rehabilitation of Park Irrigation Systems in areas designated as Recycled Water Use Areas are compatible with the delivery of Recycled Water. Additionally, the Department shall assess all Park Irrigation Systems for repairs and/or rehabilitation necessary to avoid waste and maximize water use efficiency.


The Department shall install and maintain irrigation water meters at all Parks and golf courses to monitor water use and facilitate payment by the Department or golf course operator or lessee for all irrigation water used on each golf course. The Department shall ensure that each Park golf course uses Recycled Water made available to Park golf course facilities. The cost of potable or Recycled Water provided to golf course irrigation shall be included in the green fees established by the Department.


No later than September 2009, the Department shall develop a Park Water Conservation Plan that identifies the top water consuming parks in the City, excluding park lands identified for recycled water and artificial turf conversion, and to develop measures and recommendations to install water use efficiency measures, such as retrofits to existing irrigation systems, new irrigation systems, automatic controllers and climate-appropriate plants. The Plan will include a schedule for implementation and budget recommendations.


No later than December 2009, the Department shall prepare an “Irrigation System Retrofits” report that addresses the retrofits to Park Irrigation Systems, and associated capital costs, and identifies funding sources, that are required under Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations to enable SFRPD to irrigate city parks and golf courses with recycled water.


(Added by Ord. 52-09, File No. 081400, App. 4/8/2009)


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