§ 3.13.


No person shall remain in any park for the purpose of sleeping between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., except that special permission may be granted by the Recreation and Park Department to persons providing security services between said hours in any park or for other unusual events.

A person cited under this section shall not be in violation of this section if: 1) he or she does not have an outstanding citation for violation of this section; and, 2) within 30 hours of issuance of the citation, her or she accepts Social Services offered by the City, another public entity, or a private, non-profit agency. For the purpose of this section, the term “Social Services” shall mean temporary or permanent housing, residential substance abuse treatment, Homeless Outreach Team Case Management services, or admission to a hospital or other residential facility for medical treatment. For purposes of this section, “outstanding citation” shall mean a citation that is not paid or that is under appeal.


(Added by Ord. 603-81, App. 12/18/81; amended by Ord. 12-08, File No. 071136, App. 1/31/2008)


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