§ 13.03.



Preparation of the Program. Annually and prior to the submission of their fiscal year budgets, the Department of Public Works (“DPW”) and the Recreation and Park Department (“Department”) will convene a committee (“Capital Implementation Committee”) to prepare and/or revise a written, Capital Implementation Program. The Capital Implementation Committee, which will include a representative of the Open Space Advisory Committee, will determine the best method of project delivery for capital projects and the roles and responsibilities of each department and its staff. To make that determination, the Capital Implementation Committee will consider the following factors, among others:


The Department’s Strategic Plan and the scope, schedule and cost of projects included in the Department’s Capital Plan;


The staffing levels in each department, the workload of staff in each department, and the ability of that staff to ensure that long-term projects are fully constructed within five years of the budget allocation for design and construction and that all other projects are fully constructed within three years of such allocation;


The work or projects to be performed in-house by each department’s maintenance or repair staff;


The availability of other resources, including, but not limited to, existing as-needed professional service or construction contracts; and


Any project or group of projects that would be best delivered by contracting with consultants or contractors in accordance with City contracting requirements and policies.

(b) Modifications to the Program. DPW shall consult with the Department quarterly to review the operation of the Capital Implementation Program and to recommend to the Commission any necessary modifications or adjustments to the Program.


(Added by Ord. 118-00, File No. 000478, App. 6/2/2000)


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