§ 13.01.



Membership. There is hereby established a Park, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee (“Committee”) comprised of twenty-three members. Twenty-two members shall be appointed by the members of the Board of Supervisors and approved by the full Board, with one member appointed by each Supervisor from his or her supervisorial district and one member appointed by each Supervisor from a list, maintained by the Recreation and Park Commission (“Commission”) of individuals nominated by organizations having as a primary focus park, environmental, recreational, cultural, sports, youth or senior citizen issues. Four of the members chosen from the list maintained by the Commission shall be individuals nominated by an environmental organization. If the system of district elections set forth in Charter Section 13.110 is discontinued, each Supervisor shall appoint one member of the Committee from the list maintained by the Commission and one member without restriction. One member of the Committee shall be appointed by the Mayor.


Terms. The Committee members shall serve for terms of two years, at the will of the appointing authority, except that at the first meeting of the Committee the General Manager of the Recreation and Park Department (“Department”) shall, by lot, designate twelve members to serve terms of one year. Thereafter, all members shall be appointed to two-year terms and no member shall serve more than four consecutive terms.


Transition Period. From the effective date of Proposition C, which appeared on the March 7, 2000 ballot and until January 31, 2001, the Open Space Advisory Committee created by former Charter Section 16.107 shall serve as the Committee created in section (a) above. During this transition period the Open Space Advisory Committee shall take all steps necessary to ensure a smooth transition to the new Committee. The Mayor and the members of the Board of Supervisors may fill vacancies on the Committee that occur during this transition period according to the requirements of former Administrative Code Section 590(a). By July 1, 2000, the Commission shall prepare, and the Board of Supervisors shall approve or modify, a list of organizations qualified to nominate individuals for Committee membership. Changes to the list shall be made by the Commission and approved or modified by the Board of Supervisors annually. The Board of Supervisors and the Mayor shall make their first appointments to the Committee by February 1, 2001.


Duties. The Committee shall have the following duties:


The Committee shall submit written comments to the Department on its proposed Strategic, Capital and Operational Plans, and all updates to such plans. The Committee shall submit comments on each such plan within 30 days after the plan is delivered to the Committee.


The Committee shall assist the Department in conducting at least two public hearings on evenings or on weekends to permit the public to comment on the Department’s full budget and programming allocations prior to adoption by the Commission.


Members of the Committee appointed from supervisorial districts shall serve as liaisons between the Commission and the residents, neighborhood groups and organizations dedicated to park and recreational issues in their districts. Members may also serve as liaisons to the public at large and to citywide organizations that are concerned with park and recreational issues, and may assist the Department to arrange meetings with neighborhood groups, citywide organizations and the public at large to discuss such issues.


The Committee shall select a representative of the Committee to make the Committee’s quarterly report to the Commission on all significant park and recreational issues that have come to the attention of the Committee or its members.


The Committee shall hold meetings at least once a month and shall adopt its own rules of procedure.


In addition to the duties described in Charter Section 16.107 and set forth below, the Committee shall have such duties as maybe fixed by the Commission or the Board of Supervisors.


(Added by Ord. 118-00, File No. 000478, App. 6/2/2000)


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