§ 12.20.



Beginning with fiscal year 2003-2004, fees set forth in this Article 12, unless otherwise specified, may be adjusted each year, without further action by the Board of Supervisors, to reflect changes in the relevant Consumer Price Index (CPI), as determined by the Controller.

No later than April 15th of each year, the Recreation and Parks Department shall submit its current fee schedule to the Controller, who shall apply the price index adjustment to produce a new fee schedule for the following year.

No later than May 15th of each year, the Controller shall file a report with the Board of Supervisors (i) reporting the new fee schedule, and (ii) identifying any fees that produce revenue which is significantly more than the costs of providing the services for which each fee is assessed and describing how such revenue is used by the Department or the City.


All golf fees for San Francisco residents, juniors, seniors may be increased annually by the CPI, or up to $1.00, upon approval of the Recreation and Park Commission. All golf fees for non-S.F. residents and tournaments may be increased by two times (2X) the CPI, or up to $1.00, whichever is greater, upon approval of the Recreation and Park Commission.


(Added by Ord. 157-02, File No. 021081, App. 7/12/2002; amended by Ord. 47-03, File No. 030095, App. 4/3/2003; Ord. 180-05, File No. 050987, App. 7/29/2005; Ord. 208-05, File No. 051258, App. 8/12/2005; Ord. 93-12, File No. 120274, App. 5/21/2012, Eff. 6/20/2012)


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